5 Must-Follow Real Estate Mentors in Lagos that Will Help You Grow Fast In 2023

Must-Follow Real Estate Mentors in Lagos

The easiest way to make it fast in the Lagos real estate market is by finding a real estate mentor that is already winning big in the same market.

One important step to becoming a successful real estate agent or developer in Nigeria is getting trained by a top-notch real estate mentor, offline or online.

There are a lot of real estate mentors you can walk up to and become their students with ease as long as you are ready to learn.

But for the sake of this article, I will be listing a few real estate mentors that you can follow to easily shorten your success curve.

This list is not in order of influence or competence. 

Everyone mentioned here has a unique stance in the real estate industry and it is up to you to take what’s useful and discard what doesn’t go with you.

So without further ado, let's get started...

5 Must-Follow Real Estate Mentors in Lagos That Will Help You Grow Fast

Below is the list of real estate mentors to follow in order to grow fast in the Lagos real estate market.

1. Dr. Steven Akintayo

Real Estate Mentors in Lagos

Dr. Stephen Akintayo is a renowned real estate business coach and founder of Gtext homes. He is a legend when it comes to selling properties both at home and abroad.

He organizes a real estate conference that enlightens real estate agents and developers on how to become successful in selling properties. 

The previous version of the conference was held in three countries, Nigeria, UAE, and the USA. One of the speakers for the event was Grant Cardone.

You can reach Dr. Akintayo on his social media or book a coaching session with him on his website.

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2. Sijibomi Ogundele

Real Estate Mentors in Lagos

Sijibomi Ogundele is the CEO of Sujimoto Construction Limited; a trusted one-stop solution provider in Real Estate and Hospitality.

Mr. Ogundele, who built his company – Sujimoto Group, in a few years into a Luxury Construction powerhouse in Africa, focused on building extraordinary luxury edifices in premium neighborhoods across Africa.

There’s no billionaire by mistake! If you see someone doing exceptionally well in any industry, invest your envy in studying him, not in trying to bring him down.

If what fascinates you is developing luxury buildings then Mr. Ogundele is surely the man to learn from.

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3. Dr. Tony Kolawole Aspire

Real Estate Mentors in Lagos

Tony Aspire is the president of the Billionaire Realtors Group (BRG) and also the managing director of Tribitat Homes.

Tony is a seasoned and highly recognized real estate entrepreneur with key interests in real estate marketing, commercial real estate, real estate advisory, and strategy as well as property development and investment. 

He is deeply skilled in small business strategy, sales and negotiations, and digital strategy for business.

He also possesses excellent team-building skills.

Want to build your own real estate group or network? Reach out to Tony Aspire on Instagram or Facebook.

4. Tade Cash

Real Estate Mentors in Lagos

Tade Cash is a master closer and oracle of rental income and he has built a real estate portfolio in tons of multi-billion naira and 5 other cashflow-rich businesses around the world.

He’s currently the CEO of WIP Africa (The Number 1 Real Estate Investment Company in Africa).

Tade is all about the deal. If you want to learn about finding profitable deals and closing high-ticket deals, Tade Cash is the legend for you.

You can reach Tade Cash on his social media or contact him through his website.

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5. Nola Adetola

Real Estate Mentors in Lagos

Adetola Nola is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Veritasi Homes Limited

He’s a leading real estate entrepreneur who is championing the emergence of a new cadre of the real estate community consisting of consultants, developers, and consumers. 

With over ten years of experience in real estate marketing, investment, and blogging, he brings to the industry a plethora of expert knowledge and hands-on secured information and opportunities across various segments of real estate.

Nola is an excellent driven and innovative entrepreneur with positive energy and experiences instrumental in redefining success in growing businesses in Nigeria. 

His vision is to raise 200 successful African Entrepreneurs who will, in turn, create employment by 2025.

You can reach Nola on his social media or book a coaching session with him on his website.

Your thoughts?

What other real estate mentor do you know that could be included in this list?

Drop a comment below, so that we can add it here in our coming updates.


Atotileto Sulyman is an Internet entrepreneur, Realtor, and Founder of Realtybox.com.ng – Nigeria’s #1 Real Estate Resource Site.

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