7 Hidden Ways Rich People Get Paid In Life

7 Hidden Ways Rich People Get Paid In Life

We all earn income in life, regardless of our financial status. 

However, the methods through which we receive our pay can greatly differ between the rich and the poor. 

This contrast in earning mechanisms contributes to the distinctions between various socioeconomic classes. 

In this article, we will explore five unique ways in which rich individuals acquire their wealth. 

These unconventional methods are often overlooked and not taught in traditional educational settings. 

So, grab a refreshing drink, relax, and delve into the fascinating insights that lie ahead.

7 Unbelievable Ways Rich People Get Paid In Life

1. Pay per Project

One method rich people employ to generate income is the pay-per-project model

For example, a talented cake baker may charge clients a specific fee for creating exquisite cakes within a short timeframe. 

This approach is commonly adopted by self-employed individuals and service professionals, allowing them to earn income on a project-by-project basis.

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2. Pay by Cashflow

7 Hidden Ways Rich People Get Paid In Life

Another method utilized by the wealthy is earning income through positive cashflow. 

This involves owning assets such as rental properties, businesses, or investments that generate more money than they cost to maintain. 

Positive cashflow provides a consistent stream of income that can be reinvested or used to cover personal expenses, leading to financial growth and stability.

3. Pay by Recurring

Another fascinating way is the pay-by-recurring model, which operates similarly to a subscription system. 

This approach can be observed in services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and ShowMax, where users pay a monthly fee to access a wide range of movies from the comfort of their homes. 

Cable or DSTV subscriptions also follow this recurring model. 

By creating a unique idea and transforming it into a subscription-based service, anyone can establish a consistent source of income.

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4. Pay by Dividend

Rich individuals often invest in stocks or businesses that pay dividends

When a company generates profits, it may distribute a portion of those profits to its shareholders in the form of dividends. 

This allows wealthy individuals to earn regular income from their investments without actively participating in day-to-day operations. 

Dividends can be an attractive source of passive income for those who have invested wisely.

5. Pay by Royalties

Rich individuals often earn income through royalties. 

Consider an author who has written multiple books available on platforms like Amazon.com or Audible.com

Every time someone purchases one of their books, the author receives a small royalty as a reward. 

This model extends to various avenues, such as selling eBooks on Amazon, engaging in affiliate marketing, or participating in referral programs.

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6. Pay by Transactions

7 Hidden Ways Rich People Get Paid In Life

The pay-by-transactions model is another intriguing way that rich people generate income. 

Popular online marketplaces like Jumia, Konga, and Aliexpress earn a commission from every purchase made on their platforms. 

Similarly, financial service providers such as MasterCard, Flutterwave, Paystack, Paga, and Visa profit from each transaction conducted using their services. 

Entrepreneurial ventures like e-commerce, dropshipping, and print-on-demand also capitalize on this model.

7. Pay by Results

Entrepreneurs and businesspeople often earn income based on results. 

Unlike traditional employment, where a fixed salary is received regardless of performance, entrepreneurs invest considerable time and effort into an idea until it yields tangible outcomes in the market. 

For instance, an entrepreneur could collaborate with a company earning $1 million in annual revenue and negotiate a deal where they receive a percentage of the increased revenue, such as 15%, if they help the company grow to $10 million. 

This approach aligns incentives and rewards based on measurable achievements.

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FAQ on 7 Hidden Ways Rich People Get Paid In Life

Why aren't these methods taught in schools?

Traditional educational institutions primarily focus on preparing students for conventional career paths, where income is typically earned through fixed salaries. 

The intricacies of these alternative earning methods are often overlooked, leaving individuals unaware of the opportunities available outside traditional employment.

Can anyone pursue these methods?


These earning methods are accessible to anyone willing to explore unconventional avenues. 

They provide opportunities for self-employment, entrepreneurship, and leveraging unique ideas to create income streams beyond the traditional paycheck.

Are these methods risk-free?

Like any endeavor, there are inherent risks involved. 

However, each method offers its own potential rewards and allows individuals to diversify their income sources. 

With proper research, planning, and execution, these methods can be lucrative and rewarding.


In conclusion, the ways in which rich individuals earn their income differ significantly from those of the poor. 

By exploring unconventional methods such as pay per project, pay by recurring, pay by royalties, pay by transactions, and pay by results, individuals can discover alternative avenues to generate wealth. 

These methods often go untaught in traditional education systems, but they hold immense potential for financial growth and independence. 

Embracing these approaches can unlock new opportunities and transform the way we perceive and earn income. 

So, which method resonates with you? 

Share your thoughts and preferences in the comments below and embark on your journey toward financial prosperity.


Atotileto Sulyman is an Internet entrepreneur, Realtor, and Founder of Realtybox.com.ng – Nigeria’s #1 Real Estate Resource Site.

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