Real Estate Domain Name: 3 Tips To Come Up With A Brilliant One For Your Website

Real Estate Domain Name

Today, we’ll discuss how to choose a killer real estate domain name for your website. 

Your domain name will be shown everywhere including on your social media, advert banners, and even business cards. 

As a matter of fact, it’s a very important part of your whole marketing process. 

But the question is, how do you find one that will be easy for clients to remember and represent your brand effectively? 

I’ll share some advice I learned when choosing the domain name for this particular website and for some of our clients too. 

I’ll cover 3 real estate domain name tips you can use to stand out from the crowd.

I’ll also cover how finding the right domain name can impact your business and help you generate free real estate leads. 

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Having a domain name for your real estate company is like having an identity card. 

For people you meet in public, it is a point of contact; they have to be able to remember it and find you. 

For people searching online, your real estate domain name has to be properly optimized…

Which means your SEO game must be on point. 

Your site has to be easily found when people look for your real estate business. 

You need to find a real estate domain name that is powerful and unique at the same time and this is no easy task. 

The real estate business is crowded in your location, so it’s likely someone else has already taken the domain name you want.

Like; or

Moreover, there are different kinds of domains for different kinds of websites.

A real estate agent might want a domain that just points to their name and real estate profile. 

A real estate agency, on the other hand, may need a domain that points to its brokerage and a full-fledged listing site. 

Anyways, establishing an online presence begins with a domain name. 

The domain name you select should accurately depict your place within the real estate industry and should be long-lasting. 

It will be attached to your business cards and your email addresses. 

So, if you want to change it later, you’ll have to spend a lot of time and effort doing it. 

To help you find the best domain name for your real estate site, let’s examine a few tips.

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3 Tips To Come Up With A Brilliant Real Estate Domain Name For Your Website

Real Estate Domain Names

1. Real Estate Domain Names That Target A Specialty

Real estate domain name tips based on specialty

Real estate agents use this method a lot…

This is particularly true for agents that focus on increasing their website traffic. 

These domain names look like this:,, 

Do you get the idea?

These real estate domain names are intended to manipulate search engines into promoting them about a particular location or niche.

In theory, sites are promoted based on their URL keywords. 

So, when someone searches Google for “Luxury Homes In Ikoyi” or “Lekki Luxury Properties” the website will be the first to be pulled up. 

And it works. 

People remember the URL rather than the real estate company. 

It is sort of the right domain. 

But a major problem is that it does not really showcase your brand. 

This is a good choice of a domain name if you primarily market online. 

However, if you do a lot of marketing in person, you may want to consider a less generic domain. 

Always remember that you can also have multiple domain names; you aren’t limited to just one.

One can be used to brand your company while others might be used to position your properties on the first page of google.

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2. Real Estate Domain Names That Target Yourself Or Your Agency

Real Estate Domain Names

If you’re a one-man agent, you might just want people to focus on you. 

After all, you’re your product. 

You want people to be looking for you, or your agency, on search engines and social media.

Bigger agencies and agents with a big profile tend to get real estate domains that reflect their real estate brand. 

An example might be:,

Your name is your business, and that’s reflected in your website address. 

It may not be the best for online real estate SEO because people will have to search for you directly.

Although it’s easy to remember. 

Of course, if you have a very common name, this might not be ideal. 

And you need to think about how you’re going to be approaching the property market in the future. 

So, there is a reason to have your agency’s name as your domain name; if you just want to build raw awareness. 

But when you’re just starting out, and you don’t have that type of awareness for your real estate company yet, you might also want to have a few generic names, too.

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3. Real Estate Domain Names That Leverage Alternative Domain Extensions

Real Estate Domain Names

Do you ever think about the domain extension that you use when going to a website? 

Most people are familiar with a few domain extensions. 

The most popular domain is “.com”. 

Then, it’s “.net”, “.org”, and “.edu”. 

But there are actually a lot of other domain extensions today. 

Let’s say for example the domain name you want to use is “” because you specialize in selling properties in the Lekki-Epe axis.

Now, Let’s say someone else already purchased the “.com” extension…

Does that mean you won’t use Lekki-Epe again?

No! Rather this is what you will do…

Purchase an alternative domain extension.

Alternatively, you can buy the “.realestate”, “.org”, “.net” and even you can buy local domain extensions like “.ng”, “” or “”.

Just like what LandWey did, they use this same strategy.

Go check their website and you will see it’s a “.ng” domain extension.

Real Estate Domain Names

How Can You Find The Right Domain Name?

Real estate domain names aren’t the most important decision you’ll make when branding your business. 

You don’t need to obsess about them. 

If you make the wrong decision, it’s not going to affect your real estate company or make your website unreachable. 

But they’re still an important decision. 

And it’s a decision that you should make before you start to build your website. 

When you build your website, you usually have to configure it to a given URL. 

And you will have your URL in everything from your email address to your social media. 

Take some time to consider what the right domain is for you. 

And don’t shy away from purchasing multiple domains. 

Sometimes, the best solution might be to snatch up all the domains you can and direct them all to your site.

12 Real Estate Domain Names Examples In Nigeria


FAQs on Real Estate Domain Names 

How Do I Buy A Real Estate Domain? 

You can buy a real estate domain from any domain registrar. 

Popular domain registrars in Nigeria include WhoGoHost, DomainKing, Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc. 

You can set up a basic real estate website for only a few thousand Naira, which will come with a real estate domain if you hire a real estate web designer or developer. 

Can I Use “Realty” or “Realtor” In My Domain Name? 

You can use “Realty” in a domain name, but you should avoid the use of “Realtor.” 

Realtor is actually trademarked. 

While you can be a Realtor, you should not use that in your domain name (unless you are using the domain “.realtor”). 

Does My Domain Extension Really Matter? 


Your domain extension matters for two reasons. 

One, common domain extensions like “.com” are memorable. 

Two, people can be wary of domain names they don’t recognize. 

But alternative domain extensions are becoming more popular all the time.


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